T H E   R U L E S

1. Respect your pack mates, your higher ranked wolves, and the rules


2.This is a semi-literate to literate wolf roleplay. It is ALSO a semi-realistic to realistic wolf roleplay, this means your wolf must be realistic, no neon colors, no sparkle wolves, no magic super powers, etc. Some unrealistic markings are permitted but don't go overboard.


3. Absolutely, positively no powerplaying, godmoding, Mary Sues, you get the point.


4.We have a general discussion in the forums, and we encourage going in and meeting your packmates through conversation. This being said this is a roleplay site, not Skype or snapchat, don't spend all of your time just chatting and no time roleplaing. This also means you MUST be active, if you are inactive for more than a week and haven't posted a long term absence you will be kicked from the site. Shoo shoo, goodbye, and happy living to ya


5. Cussing is allowed, but not excessively, we may have young eyes on here.


6.Wolfspeak is allowed (orbs, auditories, fifth appendage, etc.) but not to the point where your whole post is wolf speak and no one can understand you.


7.Mates are allowed, no roleplaying the mating process, if you and your mate wanna do that go somewhere else, ask Alpha before you bring pups into pack, if they say no and you have pups anyway the pups will be killed and you might loose your rank, or place in the pack


8. Each roleplay post must be at least 5 sentences long. That is the minimum, there is no maximum.


T H E   J O I N I N G   F O R M

Full Name -

Rank Desired -

Reason of Desired Rank -

Personaity - At least 2 sentences

Appearance - At least 3 sentences ( a picture is optional instead )

Roleplay Sample - At least 5 sentences



Feel free to add anything and everything else you want!


A L L Y    R E Q U E S T    F O R M


Name of your pack -

Name of the Alphas -

How many members in the pack -

Why do you want to be allies -

Any current fighting your pack is involved in -

What is in it for us -

Your allies -

Your rivals -

R I V A L    R E Q U E S T   F O R M

Name of your pack -

Name of the Alphas

How many pack members -

Why the rivalry -

Any current fighting your pack is involved in -

Your allies -

Your rivals -