W E   A R E   S I L E N T.

 W E   A R E   S T E A L T H Y. 

 W E   A R E   S H A D O W S.

The darkness surrounds you, it grabs at you trying to suffocate you. You hear a howl, it is very close. You see a shadow out of the corner of your eye, then another, and another, they keep coming, you wonder what monster it is that lurks in this forest Your heart is pounding in your chest, your head is racing to the point it aches. Fear boils inside of you and a scream is working its way through your body. You hear a noise, could it be? Yes it is laughter, evil laughter, is it in front of you, or is it behind you? The sound echoes around you. It sounds as though someone is approaching you "Hello dear, and who might you be?" you hear a female's voice quite clearly, it is definitely coming from in front of you. "Your such a small weak little thing, it isn't very smart to come and mess with the big dogs.'' the voice says. The moonlight provides a quick glimpse of the figure, a large white she-wolf.  Her eyes glow in the darkness, like glowing lanterns. Your breath comes in big gulps "W-Who are you?" you manage to ask. The laughter fills the air again "I am Callisto, Alphess of Black Dawn, and you happen to be in our territory.'' a deep rumble echoes around you, the hidden wolves emerge from the darkness growling. The she-wolf gives you a  twisted smile "My dear, you chose the wrong pack to mess with.'' a howl erupts around you, all of the wolves sing their song in unison making many voices sound like one. The she-wolf speaks once more "We are silent. We are stealthy. We are shadows. We are. 

T H E   W O L V E S   O F   T H E   D A R K E S T   H O U R